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Signage is used for commercial purposes to communicate with the customers or buyers. Graphics and visual images are used to market products and display information. The concept became popular since the late 20th century. The sign and shape of the display boards differ depending on the information being provided. Based on their function they are classified into different types information, direction, identification and safety signage.

The technology used in making these sign boards have evolved since the past few years. Earlier they used to be made using different kind of materials like acrylic, aluminum, oilcloth, polycarbonate etc. With the advance in technology digital signage are being used for displaying information. This technology uses LCD, LED, projection display to stream media. Immense growth has been seen in the industry in the past few years with increasing demand. Digital Signage Dubai provides various related services to their clients. They provide installation and service for signage instated.

Types Of Signage Technology Used

There are different types of digital signage technology available that can be installed at places. Video wall is a type that consists of several monitors placed together to form a single large screen.Digital Signage Dubai specializes in providing flawless solutions to their client’s requirement. The screen used for video wall has minimum bezel to lessen the gap between screens. These displays are seen in restaurants, multiplexes, exhibitions, events etc.

The customer based on their need can decide the size and configuration of the video wall screen. The signage service provider has come up with several innovative and creative shapes for the digital boards. The features of video wall would vary from one another depending on their price. The video wall controller is used to split the image in several parts so that it can be displayed on the multiple screens. These are considered to be the best in digital signage industry.